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What Is The Processing Of The Metal Oval Ring Joint Gasket?
- Jun 15, 2018 -

The metal oval ring joint gasket is made of forging, heat treatment and mechanical processing. It is a kind of metal sealing gasket applied to oil and gas pipe flanges, pressure vessels, high-speed joints, high temperature and high pressure valve covers, especially pressure and temperature. In the case of fluctuations, good sealing can still be maintained. The commonly used R-type elliptical pad is divided into elliptical or octagonal type according to the cross-section. The standard R-type annular gasket is manufactured according to API 6A and ASME B16.20 standard sizes, and the maximum use pressure is 10000 PSI. The octagonal pad and the elliptical pad are interchangeable in the trapezoidal slot flange. The RX type is suitable for pressure-enhanced standard R-ring gaskets, suitable for R-type flanged groove sealing surfaces. Type BX is suitable for pressure enhancement and design applications up to 15,000 PSI pressure system. There are a variety of materials and forms suitable for different design and operating requirements, refer to material properties table.

Made of an integral metal machined. The material of the metal oval pad is generally soft iron/SS304/SS316/carbon steel/SS321 and other alloy materials. The metal oval pad has excellent characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure and corrosion resistance. If the material is suitable, it can be used in high temperature (1000 °C) and corrosive conditions, and can withstand high pressure or alternate pressure (1500 bar). Metal oval pads are mainly used for high temperature, high pressure pipelines (vapor and oil industry, petrochemical industry) towers, tanks, heat exchangers, pipes and other machine joints.