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Three Tricks To Distinguish The Quality Of The Metal Around The Gasket
- Jun 15, 2018 -

The metal encircling mat is the best resilience gasket in the semi-metal mat. It is made of V-shaped or W-shaped thin steel strips and various fillers (graphite, asbestos, tetrafluoride) instead. Can be divided into metal graphite surround pad, metal PTFE surround pad and metal asbestos surround pad three types. Due to its excellent function, it has been widely used in power plants, oil and chemical plants and other occupations.

However, due to its wide application, many people have entered the ranks of metal gaskets. While the overall professional development of the stock market, there are some unscrupulous merchants shoddy, with defective prices, producing metal materials. Fill up to fraudulent consumers.

1. Look: Get the metal around the mat is mainly depends on the work is not precise, replace the metal around the inner diameter and the outer diameter of the steel strip welding is not uniform, residual welding spot welding spot at random look at the solder joint is not very much The over-welded scene, if the over-welded steel strip will be broken, presents many of these conditions, to a large extent, that the metal raw material is not too good.

The inner diameter of the joint is not dealt with: the details usually determine the product quality, the residual metal around the inner diameter of the gasket steel joints are mostly not treated, directly folded up and pressed in the inner ring of the gasket, and the excellent surrounding pad will deliberately bend the inner diameter of the steel Take the lead with a pair of scissors and then spot weld it so that it will not show a barbed image.

2, touch: touch the graphite seal surface is not flat. The residual metal graphite seal gasket around the surface has a bright sense of roughness.

3, demolition, to open a gasket to see the elasticity of the steel strip, patience is not good, and now many bad businesses shoddy, customers want 304 steel, they use 201, the customer requests 201, directly use Galvanized iron metal band. The price difference is several times, can it be cheap?

In short, the details of the resolution wins or loses, the details of the workmanship also decided the quality of the metal around the gasket! We hope that the majority of customers do not only use the quote on the heroes, it is still depends on the amount of production quality, a sub-price goods, always truth.