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The Role Of Octagonal Gasket
- Jun 15, 2018 -

1, to prevent the use of spring pad damage to the object in the process of disassembling the screw. In the process of use, we can first make the flat pad and the object tightly connected together, and then use the spring pad on the outside, this can prevent the spring pad from damaging the object, and can also exert the effect of the spring pad, and can also Let the force area be more balanced. When used in this way, it can also prevent the spring pad from damaging the connected object.

2, can increase the contact area. General screw and object contact area is relatively small, then the role of the force will be relatively small, more easily loosened, in order to enable the screw to more firmly lock the object, it will use octagonal gasket to increase the love of screws and connected objects Contact area.

3, can be used in some special circumstances. If there is no thread, then we can use octagonal gaskets, and that is when our screws are too long, you want to look beautiful, then use gaskets, you can make the screws look more beautiful.

4, increase friction. In the process of using high-strength bolts, it is fixed by friction. In order to enable the friction between high-strength bolts and objects to increase, the use of gaskets can effectively solve this problem.