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The Metal Octagonal Gasket Is Machined From The Monolithic Metal
- Jun 15, 2018 -

The metal octagonal gasket is machined from the monolithic metal. The metal octagonal material is generally soft iron/SS304/SS316/carbon steel/SS321 and other alloy materials. The metal octagonal gasket has excellent characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure and corrosion resistance.

If the material is suitable, it can be used in high temperature (1000 °C) and corrosive conditions, and can withstand high pressure or alternate pressure (1500 bar). The metal octagonal gasket is mainly used for high temperature, high pressure pipeline (vapor and oil industry, petrochemical industry) towers, tanks, heat exchangers, pipes and other machine joints.

Octagonal metal ring gasket performance characteristics:

1, high temperature, high pressure, suitable for high pressure flange;

2, the seal is durable and reliable;

3, adapt to pressure, temperature fluctuations in working conditions;

Octagonal metal ring gasket Application range: usually used in high temperature and high pressure steam, gas, solvent pipe flange, tower tank, pressure vessel, high speed joint surface, high temperature and high pressure valve, cover. Wellhead devices in the oil and gas industry and seals on the Christmas tree

The earliest metal ring gaskets originated in the United States and were first used in the boiler field in the 1920s. They were later used for the sealing of manhole covers and other windows of autoclaves, and were later given special attention in the oil production and refining industries. As the temperature and pressure of steam power devices increase, the use of metal ring gaskets becomes more and more extensive.