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Main Form And Technical Parameters Of Metal Octagonal Gasket
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Metal octagon gasket is made from forging and heat treatment and mechanical processing, is a kind of applied to oil and gas pipe flange, pressure vessel, the joint surface, such as high temperature and high pressure valve cover metal sealing gasket, especially pressure, temperature fluctuations, still can maintain good sealing.

Main forms and technical parameters

The R type gasket commonly used in metal octagonal pad is divided into elliptical or octagonal type according to the section. The standard R type annular spacer is manufactured according to the standard size of API 6A and ASME B16.20, and the maximum service pressure is 10000PSI. Octagonal pad and oval pad can be interchanged in trapezoid groove flange. RX type octagonal pad is suitable for standard R type annular spacer with pressure enhancement and for flange groove sealing cover with the same type R. The BX type octagonal pad is suitable for pressure enhancement and is designed for up to 15000PSI pressure system. There are various materials and forms suitable for different design and operation requirements, refer to the material properties table.

Note: the material hardness of octagonal pad should be lower than the flange 15-20hb, and it is not recommended to reuse.