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China's Metal Sealing Material Products Continue To Improve
- Jun 15, 2018 -

For high-speed, high-pressure, wide-temperature conditions of metal sealing materials requirements, China's scientific research institutions actively carry out research on related materials and products. At present, a series of product patterns has been formed, which solves the urgent need for sealing technology in the hydraulic and pneumatic industries. The level of products has been continuously improved. .

It is reported that high-performance metal sealing materials and products developed by our country have been widely used in the fields of aerospace, aviation, weapons, ships, and civilian machinery industries. In the weapons industry, the special vehicle transmission system seals, friction reduction sleeves, High-pressure, high-temperature gas sealing plugs have also been used, reciprocating seals and radiation protection seal materials have also been promoted in special ships.

China's static sealing materials and products have reached a very high level. Static seal is to rely on the gap between the sealing surface to achieve the sealing effect, according to different media, different operating temperatures, different sealing application environment to choose. Static seal products include different sizes of seals (O-rings, Y-rings, V-rings, and other non-standard seals, seals, etc.). They are mainly used for static seals of various planes, and seals for face guides. Static seals with cylindrical surfaces, dust seals, vehicle window frames, and door seals have provided high-performance sealing products for a variety of new special equipment, aerospace technologies, and civilian vehicles.

Rubber products have a wide range of temperature adaptation. Among them, wide temperature range special silicone rubber varieties are high temperature resistant, ablation resistant, high strength, ultra low temperature, etc., and have the ability to further research and development, can provide a variety of O-type, special-shaped seals, gaskets and other sealing products Special nitrile rubber has excellent performances such as oil resistance, high and low temperature resistance, high strength and high elasticity. The material is mature in technology and stable in technology. It is resistant to most hydraulic oils, mechanical oils, and lubricating oils. The applicable temperature range is wide, generally - 50 °C ~ 130 °C, short time can withstand high temperature of 150 °C, can be used to manufacture a variety of fixed or movable seals, valves and various washers, gaskets, seals and other work in the oil. Can provide a variety of products, and provide product installation life prediction technology; special fluorosilicone rubber materials and products made of small seals, long-term working temperature in the fuel and oil vapor in air medium -55 ~ 200 °C, Short-term working temperature up to 250 °C, in naphthalene base fuel, mineral oil, double-sided gear lubricants and other media to meet the long-term work of -55 ~ 150 °C, 165 °C short-term work requirements.

High-speed rotary seal products are hydrodynamic oil seals designed using hydrodynamic principles. The structure makes the sealing and lubrication function organically unified, reduces the working temperature and friction wear of the lip, and the lifespan is doubled than that of similar products. The fluid-dynamic oil seal made of low-friction fluoroelastomer not only adapts to higher line speed and harsh service conditions, but also can reduce the processing requirements on the shaft, can adapt to eccentricity of 0.25mm or more, and has a longer life. The oil seal is greatly prolonged. At present, it has passed the test of line speed 20-25m/s, pressure 0.01-0.05MPa, working temperature -40-180°C, 800h. Can provide in line with national standard products and performance evaluation, assessment and other services.

The high-pressure reciprocating seal product is a combined sealing system that is resistant to high pressure, wear and low friction. As the pressure of the working medium increases, the sealing pressure also increases, ensuring reliable sealing under high pressure conditions. In high-temperature and high-pressure gas sealing materials and products, the airtight mat has made great progress as a key component in special equipment, which overcomes the deficiencies of the existing airtight mats and ensures that the special equipment can be closed under various special conditions. Reliable, adaptable, easy to operate, and interchangeable. Anti-corrosive liner seals are being used in a variety of special devices.