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What are the forms of leakage in the SBX seal gasket?
- Jun 15, 2018 -

There are four types of leaks in general SBX seal gaskets: interface leakage, leakage leakage, diffusion leakage, and damage leakage. Among them, the former two are the main forms. The following is a detailed introduction to these four different ways of disclosure.

1. Interface leakage: The interface will leak at the sealing interface due to insufficient SBX seal gasket pressing, improper flange finish, and flange deformation. For the interface leakage, it can be prevented by clamping it on the flange surface with a soft material.

2. Penetration Leakage: As the material of the SBX seal gasket soft material is mostly fiber, it is easily immersed in the medium, especially the pressure. Due to the capillary phenomenon, the medium penetrates into the low pressure side and forms a penetration.

3. Diffusion Leakage: Under the impetus of the difference in concentration, the medium leaks through the material generated by the seal gap or the capillary of the sealing material. Diffusion is the result of molecular motion and is not one-way. Minimize the pressure difference between the seal or vacuum, or to seal the nitrogen, hydrogen and other permeable substances, as well as highly toxic, radioactive substances should pay special attention to two kinds of leakage and diffusion.

4. Damaged Leakage: The leakage of this kind of SBX seal gasket generally exists in poor working conditions, large thermal deformation, often by vibration, impact, improper installation, excessive tightening force, repeated use, compression deformation, internal stress concentration, Exceeding the fatigue strength and destroying the material, aging and deterioration of the material can cause damage and leakage. This kind of leakage has the greatest impact and has great harm. We must strengthen prevention.

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