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There are two conditions to follow for the choice of metallic seal gaskets!
- Jun 15, 2018 -

The choice of metallic seal gaskets can be divided into two types of operating conditions:

1, simple working conditions, low requirements.

This aspect generally depends on the experience of some on-site staff to select, because the various specifications for the metallic seal gasket is low, so not too harsh. If there are unsuitable circumstances, it can be changed in time to adjust.

2, for the complex working conditions and high requirements.

Some devices contain flammable or explosive or toxic, corrosive liquids. In some reaction tanks and conveying systems, these have high requirements for equipment and the working environment is also complicated. Therefore, it is necessary to select suitable sealing metallic seal gaskets by referring to some factors. These factors such as: pressure, temperature, medium, corrosive, sealing surface and so on.

In general, non-metallic soft seals are more suitable at normal temperatures and lower pressures. At medium pressure and high temperatures, non-metal and metal metallic seal gaskets as well as metal metallic seal gaskets can also be used. At low temperatures, with corrosive media or under vacuum conditions. It is necessary to consider the special properties of some metallic seal gaskets.