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The use of metal-clad gaskets
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Metal-clad shims are composite gaskets made of non-metallic materials (flexible graphite, asbestos rubber sheet, ceramic fiber, etc.) and externally coated with thin sheets of metal by a specific cold working process. Both type and corrugated type are the most traditional type of gaskets for heat exchangers, pressure vessels, pumps, valves and flange face seals. Effectively prevent loose gaskets, media erosion, but also improve the pressure.

Metal gasket installation notes:

In addition to ensuring a good sealing of the system, the gasket must be placed in the center of the flange. It is especially important on the flange of the protrusion. The seal must be even and symmetrical. Solid bolts; Use spring washers to ensure even load. Use torque torque wrench when tightening bolts. Check and reproduce the correct torque of the connecting bolts one day after the system is running. Do not use liquids or metals to ensure the service life of the washers. Matrix release agent or lubricant.

The metal-coated gasket is somewhat strong, not brittle, strong and strong, but the rebound force is limited. The flange surface needs to be flat and the fastening force is very high to achieve good results. According to different materials, stainless steel-coated graphite packing mats can be formed. Asbestos-covered pad, ceramic fiber-covered pad, etc.