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The advantages and applications of metal surrounding gaskets
- Jun 15, 2018 -

The metal surrounding gasket is a kind of sealing gasket which is widely used nowadays. It is the best gasket in the semi-metallic sealing gasket and is replaced by a V-shaped or W-shaped thin steel belt and various filling materials. The use of high temperature, high pressure and customary ultra-low temperature or vacuum conditions, after changing the material composition of the gasket, can solve the chemical corrosion problems of various media on the gasket, and its structure density can be manufactured according to the different locking force request. Strengthen the main body and precise positioning, the inner gasket is provided with a metal inner reinforcement ring and an outer positioning ring, and the steel ring is used to control the maximum compression degree, and the surface accuracy of the flange sealing surface touched by the gasket is not high.

Resilient metal surrounding gasket can adjust the pressure thermal cycle and oscillation of the pipeline system. It is especially suitable for occasions where the load is uneven, the joint force is easy to relax, the temperature and pressure are periodically changed, there is impact or sensation. It is the static seal original for valves, pumps, heat exchangers, towers, manholes, hand holes and other flange joints. It is widely used in petrochemical, machinery, power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, medicine, atomic energy, and aerospace.

In order to facilitate the device's appearance on the design of the flange gasket, according to the size of the gasket diameter, 2~8 positioning belts are welded on the periphery of the gasket, so that the positioning buckle is on the flange hole to prevent the gasket from shifting or falling when the device is installed. Falling, saving auxiliary materials and working hours. Usually divided into the following types:

The metal surrounding gasket is made of an excellent SUS304, SUS316 ("V" or "W" shaped) metal band and other alloy materials, and graphite, asbestos, PTFE, non-asbestos and other soft materials replace each other by overlapping spirals. At the beginning and end, the metal strips are fixed by spot welding. The metal surrounding gasket is the best resilient gasket in the semi-metallic gasket. The density of the metal surrounding gasket can be manufactured according to the different locking force request, and the steel ring inside and outside is used to control the maximum compression. The surface accuracy of the flanged sealing surface around the gasket touch is not high. Metal around the gasket is particularly suitable for uneven load, easy to loose joints, temperature and pressure cyclical changes, impact or sensation. The surrounding gasket is the original static seal that the valve, pump, heat exchanger, tower, manhole, hand hole and other flanges meet.