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metallic seal gasket special installation requirements
- Jun 15, 2018 -

1. When installing the sealing spiral metallic seal gasket matched with the protruding plane flange, it should be ensured that the sealing part is concentric with the pipeline. Generally, the external reinforcement ring is used to contact with the inner circumferential surface of the bolt for positioning, and eccentric installation is not allowed. When installing the basic wound metallic seal gasket in the sealing surface flange of the tongue and groove face, it should be noted that the gap is consistent with the groove wall surface.

2. When installing a metal-clad metallic seal gasket with a narrow width, a certain thickness of steel plate should be placed on the outside of the metallic seal gasket, and then the flange should be pressed to avoid the pressure of the coated packing in the metal metallic seal gasket after the interface of the metal shell. (or “spouts”) open and damage the metal-covered metallic seal gasket.

3. When the working temperature of the flange is higher than 200°C, sealant should be applied between the flange sealing surface and the sealing metallic seal gasket to prevent sintering of the sealing metallic seal gasket and the flange sealing surface under high temperature, and to increase the inspection and replacement of the metallic seal gasket. trouble.

4. When the sealing surface is uneven, sealant can be applied on the sealing surface before installing the sealing metallic seal gasket. Sealant is generally composed of manganese dioxide, red lead, graphite powder and tanning oil (dry oil). According to the sealing medium, working temperature and medium pressure and other conditions, select the appropriate type and grade of liquid sealant.

5, for the installation of octagonal metal ring metallic seal gasket, when the metal ring metallic seal gasket and flange sealing groove processing is not ideal, can be achieved through the mating research close fit. For large-diameter metal ring metallic seal gaskets, it is difficult to match the metal ring metallic seal gaskets. In order to fill the small uneven surface of metal surfaces, sealant can be used.