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metallic seal gasket: choose to install a suitable seal packing
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Select the appropriate packing seal packing, use the cutting machine to accurately cut the packing packing ring of the required length, if there is no packing packing cutting machine, according to packing packing length L = (shaft diameter d + packing width s ) *1.07*π for cutting, metallic seal gasket generally on a rotating shaft, cut straight at 90°, with a 45° cut on the valve. Never attempt to determine the length by packing packing around the stuffing box. Alternatively, the packing packing is wrapped around a tube of the same diameter as the valve stem and pressed tightly, but the packing packing cannot be stretched. Then cut it into rings and check that it fills the space correctly and that there are no gaps at its interface. You can then use the sample ring as a standard to cut other packing packing rings. metallic seal gasket If these finished products are finished on the flat surface or the packing packing is soft and easily deformed, a rope can be made from the sample ring and then the remaining packing packing ring can be made according to the string.

When the packing packing is used for the valve, the sealing packing section of the packing is the same as the space of the valve, preferably the pre-pressing ring; when used in the pump, the sealing packing section of the packing needs to have clearance with the cavity (about 0.3 mm) -0.6mm), making the shaft and packing packing have a leakage gap, which is conducive to lubrication and heat dissipation.

Install a packing packing ring at a time. metallic seal gasket Make sure that each packing packing is not covered with dirt or other debris. If required, packing packing rings should be lubricated with the same clean lubricant used on the stem. Stagger installation of each packing packing ring into 90°. The ring is slowly pulled apart in the axial direction, and the radial distance can be set so that the ring can be mounted on the shaft. Use a professional filling tool to fasten each packing packing ring. When sufficient packing packing ring installation is complete, the packing thickness of the valve until Glan reaches 25% of the stuffing box, the pump requires 50% of the packing thickness. Seal it with a follower and use the follower to increase the tightness. metallic seal gasket Keep in mind that followers are only a supplement; it is possible to ensure that all packing seals the packing ring in place and that the packing seal packing is not moved.

In the reciprocating pump, a guide ring should also be placed at both ends and in the middle of the stuffing box to maintain its concentric motion and the gravity of the plunger. After installing packing packing rings, tighten the bolts. In order to obtain a pressure of one to each nut, it is recommended to use a wrench or related metering device to tighten the nut. Note: If the device is in a non-leakage state, it may cause the packing packing to burn. It is recommended to slowly tighten the bolt until the leakage reaches the allowable range.