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Energy-saving flexible metallic seal gasket characteristics and applications
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Energy-saving flexible dynamic seal packing is made of a variety of special polymer composite materials processed by special technology.

The energy-saving flexible dynamic seal packing is a solid material that is soft and non-fixed in the non-operating state. It combines the advantages of traditional sealing methods and overcomes their defects, becoming a reliable seal, minimal friction, and long-lasting service life. Energy-saving and high-efficiency sealing products.

The main features of the energy-saving flexible dynamic seal packing are: saving electricity, saving water, environmental protection, and recycling. It can effectively solve the problems of shaft sealing, running, running, dripping and leaking of pumps, valves, mixers, speed reducers, etc. metallic seal gasket Problems such as direct savings of about five times or more. Pumps, valves and other power equipment in the use of flexible sealing material technology, is still immature in the country.

The use of energy-saving flexible dynamic seal packing is simple and convenient. Compared with the use of traditional packing, it saves time and labor. An ordinary centrifugal pump can be installed within 15 minutes. It can be used continuously after filling, free from maintenance, corrosion, and watertight. , is an effective alternative to traditional packing and other sealing products.

The energy-saving flexible dynamic seal packing can be directly used without any modification, and can achieve long-term sealing effect. Thanks to the adoption of a brand-new process, metallic seal gasket it has surpassed all existing products in terms of technology and has reached the world's leading level in terms of efficiency, safety, reliability, ease of use, energy conservation and environmental protection, and has a promising market. Regardless of whether you are an end user or an agent, whether it is a business or an individual, we will uphold the principle of doing things with heart and treating people sincerely and strive to provide quality products and services.

The traditional method of using the packing in the packing culvert is prone to corrosion, leakage, high power consumption, bearing bush bearing damage, metallic seal gasket and time-consuming work and other shortcomings that have plagued businesses and production operators for a long time.